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What is the price for revision rhinoplasty plastic surgery?

shutterstock 93409648 200x300 - What is the price for revision rhinoplasty plastic surgery? | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesRevision rhinoplasty may sometimes cost more than the primary nose reshaping if the procedure involves complexities.

During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will discuss various aspects of the revision rhinoplasty surgery with the patient, including its approximate costs.

The first goal of a dedicated surgeon is to help the patient make a well-considered decision. Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes provides revision rhinoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and other towns and cities in this section of The Golden State.

Factors Affecting the Price Tag

The monetary amount of revision rhinoplasty can differ between two practices and even between two patients at the same practice. Various financial factors affect the revision rhinoplasty costs, which include:

Location of the Practice

The sticker price of revision rhinoplasty can vary between two cities. The cost of living index often differs from region to region. This will affect the overall costs of goods and services, including plastic surgery services.

Surgeon’s Fee

The plastic surgeon’s fees will depend on their experience, professional credentials, and recognition in the field of rhinoplasty. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) advocates that the patient should choose the most suitable surgeon as per their requirements and that costs should only be a secondary consideration.  

Anesthesia and Surgical Facility Financial Stipulations

The surgeon will determine whether to conduct the revision rhinoplasty procedure under IV sedation, general anesthesia or only local anesthesia in the case of minor surgery.

If the surgeon performs the revision nose surgery with the patient under general anesthesia, the anesthesiologist’s fees will vary according to their qualifications and experience. The surgical venue costs will also differ according to the type of care, services, and facilities provided.

Length and Complexity of the Surgery

There are different revision rhinoplasty techniques, and the surgeon will develop a customized surgical plan on the basis of the patient’s present nose condition, the nature of the problem, facial features, and the patient’s unique cosmetic needs.

The dollar amount of a surgery for nose bump removal or nasal tip refining may be less than, say, a procedure involving nose implants, cartilage grafting, or comprehensive nasal reconstruction.

Insurance and Financing

Primary rhinoplasty is typically performed as a cosmetic surgery. This means that the patient will not receive insurance coverage for this procedure. Therefore, the cost of a subsequent revision rhinoplasty will also not be covered by the insurer. In some cases, the insurance company may offer full or partial coverage for the costs if the patient requires functional corrections of the nose.

For example, if the patient requires a revision surgery for a pre-existing deviated septum and nasal obstruction, which may not have been addressed in the primary procedure, they may be able to receive coverage under their medical plan.

The patient should also consider arranging for a loan through professional medical care financing firms if they do not want to pay the full costs upfront. The surgeon’s staff may be able to guide and assist the patient on this matter.

Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and other suburbs and cities in this region of the state for revision rhinoplasty.

For more information on the surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments by Double Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes, please contact us at (800) 859-7509. Offices in Los Angeles and Bakersfield, CA. 

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