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Types of Nasal Fractures

Facelift 300x200 - Types of Nasal Fractures | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesThere are various types of nasal fractures. If left untreated, these fractures can lead to breathing obstructions and cause a misshapen or crooked nose. Fractures can happen at any location along the “bony pyramid” of the nose.

This refers to the pyramid-shaped bony nasal structure that is protuberant from the face. Various types of fractures require different forms of osteotomy (the practice of rejoining and resetting bones).

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Greenstick Fractures

These fractures occur along the sides of the nasal bones. They develop more frequently in children as their bones are still forming and are more flexible. Consequently, greenstick fractures are usually partial fractures rather than completely broken bones.


Saddle Deformity

Saddle deformity is caused by a more severe type of fracture. This condition leads to the disintegration of the nasal bridge and septum and these become depressed towards the face.

This leads to a saddle-like shape which is noticeable when viewing the facial profile. It occurs due to severe trauma to the face or from cartilage disintegration due to snorting drugs such as cocaine. The surgeon will need to use donor rib bone tissue or cartilage to repair the bridge and septum in such cases.


Comminuted Fracture

This fracture refers to the breaking of the bone into more than two fragments. In order to repair such fractures, the surgeon will realign the bones and eliminate any excess bone fragments that could lead to serious damage, if left untreated. Comminuted fractures often occur after severe physical trauma as well as in older patients with fragile bones.


Le Fort Fracture

At times, severe trauma can damage the bones behind the nose (maxillae). The maxillae refer to two bones that form the palate and upper jaw and support the structure of the nose. Such fractures are known as Le Fort fractures and are categorized into three types.

Le Fort I fractures occur horizontally and cause damage to the jaw above the teeth and across the nostril line. Le Fort II fractures inflict damage on the maxillae underneath the eye sockets around the bridge of the nose.

These fractures lead to a breakage in the bones in a pyramid shape extending in an upside-down V formation from the nasal bridge to the mouth corners. Le Fort III fractures run across the orbital sockets which refer to the bones around the eyes.

Le Fort fractures are serious injuries, and they can lead to permanent damage to the palate and brain. These fractures warrant immediate medical attention. A plastic surgeon might be able to address Le Fort fractures during a nose job. However, they may choose to perform the procedure in alliance with a specialist.  


Surgical Treatment

In case the surgeon diagnoses a fracture, and the patient’s nose requires repositioning (according to the injury’s severity), a repair procedure may be required.

The surgeon will reposition the broken bones properly. These bones will be held in place by a cast for around one week.

If significant time has elapsed since the fracture, the surgeon may suggest a reconstructive rhinoplasty. This procedure should ideally be performed by a surgeon specializing only in nasal surgery. The nose surgeon may be unable to restore the patient’s nose to its original state. However, they will certainly be able to enhance the nasal contours and remove its defects.

Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and other suburbs and towns in this part of the country for rhinoplasty.

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