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Type of Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures

gallery face procedure 300x226 - Type of Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesCosmetic rhinoplasty seeks to enhance the nasal appearance and ensuring that the nose complements the other features of the face. This procedure combines various techniques to help the patient accomplish their specific nose-related goals.

When evaluating the nose, the surgeon will assess the aberrations in the three different vaults:

  • The upper vault (bony vault)
  • The middle vault
  • The lower vault

To maintain the correct proportions in the final outcomes, the procedure may involve modifications to more than one vault even if the patient notices imperfections in only a single area. There are various techniques that cosmetic surgeons employ to enable their patients to attain their desired nasal shape and size.

Successful double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes provides rhinoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and surrounding communities in this region of The Golden State.


Correcting the Radix

The upper bony portion of the nose is known as the radix. The radix and underlying cartilage may be substantial which cause the appearance of a bump. In case the radix is shallow, it can cause a depression and a bump. The plastic surgeon can decrease the radix by cautiously shaving away tiny portions.


Straightening a Crooked Nose

In case the nose is shifted to one side or slightly crooked, the surgeon can straighten it by eliminating some cartilage and bone, or by manually shifting the tissues.


Tip Rotation and Reduction

The nasal tip may lack proper rotation in it lacks definition or is too defined. Rotation is the upward or downward turn of the nasal tip. The surgeon will adjust the nasal tip by reshaping cartilage. In doing so, they will carefully focus on the nasal base as it impacts the tension and rotation.


Projection Adjustment

The plastic surgeon can trim a portion of the cartilage at the nasal tip to reduce the projection of the nose. If the projection needs to be increased, the surgeon may bifurcate and realign the patient’s cartilage pushing it forward and then sealing it with sutures into a refined position.

The surgeon may need to use a cartilage graft in this procedure if there is insufficient cartilage availability in the nasal tip.


Nasolabial Angle Adjustment

Most surgeons will attempt to create a 90- to 95-degree nasolabial angle in men and a 100- to 105-degree angle in women undergoing nasolabial angle adjustment. This angle can be refined by a combination of projection and rotation adjustment techniques.


Width Reduction

The nostrils and nasal tip form a triangle known as the pyriform aperture. This is triangle apparent when viewing the nose from beneath. The plastic surgeon will modify the pyriform aperture to reduce the width of the nasal tip. They can reduce the width of the nose by making the angles of this triangle steeper at the point where the nostrils and the face meet.


Alar Adjustment

This surgical technique reduces flared or wide nostrils. The alar refers to the nostril’s outer edges. This procedure is usually undertaken along with width reduction.


Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a sought-after procedure among people whose ethnicity is characterized by a broad nose. Patients of African and Asian descent consider ethnic rhinoplasty to reduce the width of their nose. It is vital that the surgeon maintains the integrity of the nose in relation to other ethnic facial features when performing this procedure.

Kind double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and other towns and cities in this area of the nation for rhinoplasty.

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