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Tummy Tuck – Beverly Hills Abdominoplasty

Feeling like your stomach is starting to sag? If you’ve got excess fat, sagging skin, and stretch marks, you may be interested in a tummy tuck.

Because a person’s abdominal skin tissue and muscle tissue sag over the years, the tummy tuck is designed to address multiple types of tissue. Along with removing excess skin and tightening muscle tissue with internal sutures, the procedure also suctions out fatty tissue that builds up on the abdomen. These techniques create a fit, nicely contoured stomach.

Find out more about the tummy tuck and the other aesthetic procedures we offer – arrange a consultation by contacting our office today. Skilled double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Keyes regularly serves patients in the Beverly Hills area and will be happy to help you get the tummy you’ve been dreaming of.

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