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The Art of Nasal Reconstruction

dec blog post 2 - The Art of Nasal Reconstruction | Beverly Hills | Los Angeles
Culture Appears Across Your Face

In terms of safety, most Board Certified Plastic Surgeons receive some training in rhinoplasty, but training programs concentrate on different areas of plastic surgery dependent upon their curriculum. Creating a beautiful nose requires aesthetic expertise that moves far beyond basic surgical techniques.

Your overall look is the sum of your face’s parts. For instance, from a purely physical point of view, your cultural identity is a combination of the shape of your eyes; the size of your nose; the size, placement, and turn of the lips; and the proportions and space between each feature.

Your nose literally plays a central role in your face’s total look. Thus your nasal reconstruction should enhance your overall appearance, not just the nose itself. After all, when you seek a to improve the look of your nose, you’re probably looking forward to how an improved nose means an improved overall appearance.

A highly qualified plastic surgeon will create a customized plan based on the outcome you’re looking for and the procedure that is appropriate for you. A skilled doctor will base his recommendations on a thorough physical examination and his or her experience performing the procedure. 

Whether it’s decreasing the size of the tip of your nose or getting rid of a bump on your bridge, it’s important that you and your doctor discuss how the integration of change will influence your facial expression. Your surgeon should be able to explain how each change will influence not just the nose itself but the entire face.


Who to Look For

I recommend that you work with a surgeon who specializes in nasal reconstruction. There is no substitute for training and experience.

Board Certification in Plastic Surgery or Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery is most important.

Consider making appointments with a couple of doctors. During your consultation ask about their qualifications, specialized training, academic work, before and after photos, and how they would address your particular case. There are many more important factors required to evaluate the competency of the doctor, but these provide you a solid start.

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