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Scar Revision – Keloid Scars Beverly Hills

Prominent scars mar the skin and draw unwanted attention. We offer scar revision techniques to lessen the appearance of many types of scars. One common scar type is the keloid scar.

Keloid scars form after a person has sustained smaller wounds. As the scar tissue forms, the scar grows past the borders of the initial injury area. This is a key difference between keloid scars and another common scar type, the hypertrophic scar. Keloid scars are also more likely to form when a patient has a family history of this scar type.

Speak with Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, an experienced double-board-certified plastic surgeon, to learn more about keloid scars and our scar revision techniques. After an evaluation of your scar, we can recommend the ideal solution for you. Arrange a complimentary consultation by contacting us today.

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