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Rising International Trends: Rhinoplasty in Iran

Plastic surgery has unquestionably become increasingly popular worldwide since its inception in the late 19th century (to learn about the history of plastic surgery, click here), but some cultures such as the American culture are often associated with its popularity.

Yet, Iran has become a key contributor to the continually growing plastic surgery market. Interestingly enough, Iran now ranks as the highest rate of nose surgery worldwide, with Iranians undergoing an estimated 4x more Rhinoplasty than Americans.

Why? The answer is anthropologically complex, according to the Vice article, The Complicated Beauty of a Persian Nose. Some reasons include European cultural influences on the perception of beauty, the importance set on the nose due to the coverage of the Hijab, and other societal factors. For example, because the Hijab sometimes covers all but the eyes and nose on the upper body, the nose is a prominent sign of beauty, status, and character.

Rhinoplasty is not only a way for women to feel more beautiful, but has also become a status symbol throughout the country for both men and women, existing as a cultural indicator of wealth and social priority.

Many Iranians are traveling to the United States to receive the highest level of quality and care for their elective procedures, to ensure confidentiality, and for other reasons. The concept of traveling for medical care is known as Medical Tourism, and is a popular choice for patients for a variety of reasons, including cost benefits, quality of care, adding on a vacation to the mix, etc. But Medical Tourism also comes with its dangers, which all patients should be aware of and take seriously. To learn more about some crucial considerations of Medical Tourism, click here.

To learn more about Rhinoplasty, and how Dr. Keyes works with all cultures and ethnicities to achieve varying standards of personal beauty, click here.

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