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Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Recovery

Rhinoplasty surgery can usually be completed in two hours, but the complete process from preparation to recovery will take more time and commitment. Although nose reshaping is a relatively minor elective surgery, it involves a considerable recovery period.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss the recovery and other aspects. Committed and successful double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes provides rhinoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and surrounding suburbs and communities in this area of The Golden State. shutterstock 125015030 300x200 - Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Recovery | Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

Post-Operative Care

After the rhinoplasty, the surgeon or their team will inform the patient or their attendant about post-op care. Rhinoplasty is an intricate procedure, and a good outcome depends on the instructions being followed diligently. Patient should preferably have a friend or family member to assist them with routine tasks right after the surgery.

The following post-op care instructions can help to reduce the pain and discomfort during the healing period:

  • Keep sufficiently hydrated
  • Use cold compresses to decrease the inflammation
  • Rest adequately in the first week at home
  • Avoid vigorous movements and exercises initially
  • Avoid blowing the nose in the first few days

First 48 Hours

The first 48 hours after a surgery are more challenging for a number of patients. Patients may still be experiencing the effects of anesthesia and may also feel mild pain and discomfort during this time. The surgeon may prescribe pain medications, though some patients only require over-the-counter pain medications. Some problems that patients may face during the rhinoplasty recovery period include:

  • Headaches
  • Inflammation
  • Bruising
  • Nosebleeds

It is advisable for the patient to remain in bed with their head elevated during the first 24 hours of the surgery. The face maybe puffy and the nose and head may hurt. Nosebleeds can also occur. It is vital not to blow your nose during this time as it can loosen or open the sutures and adversely impact the recovery process.

Improvement after One Week

The surgeon will monitor the patient’s progress during a follow-up appointment approximately a week after the surgery. Nasal packing, if used, will be removed along with a splint or stitches. The bruising will have reduced by this time and the swelling should improve.

Most patients are able to rejoin work and carry out routine tasks within a week after the surgery. It is important that patients remain careful and avoid rigorous activities. They should not perform sports activities or lift heavy weights for about two weeks after the rhinoplasty.

Furthermore, they should not participate in any activity that can prompt nose blowing for a few days. Travel by air is not recommended immediately after the procedure. Patients should be patient, pun intended. They will be able to show off their new features in no time. A patient needs time to heal and even they will need a few days to comprehend their new features.

The advantages of rhinoplasty significantly outweigh the initial discomfort for most patients. Most of the side effects are mild and will subside within the initial one to two weeks.

Patients should be aware that some swelling may persist for months, and the final outcome of the surgery will only establish gradually. Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Keyes receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and other communities and cities in this area of the country.


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