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Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery

shutterstock 92907298 300x200 - Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesRevision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is a type of nasal surgery used to address and resolve the undesirable outcome or persistent issues that may develop after a primary rhinoplasty procedure.

Revision surgery warrants meticulous planning, analytics, and advanced surgical skills.

Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes provides revision rhinoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and surrounding locations in this area of the southwest.

Open or Closed Technique

A revision nose job may involve an open or closed surgery technique, depending on the specifics of a case. An open rhinoplasty will be more invasive and the recovery period following this procedure can be more extensive. An expert surgeon may perform the revision nose surgery using either open or closed technique.

Even if the patient requires revision surgery using the open technique, the surgeon will cautiously make the incisions along the columella in a discreet way to create aesthetically desirable outcomes.

More Complicated than Primary Surgery

Patients should understand that a revision nose surgery is often more complex and requires a longer time to complete. The reason is that some fragments of the nasal framework could be missing. Furthermore, the development of scar tissue after the primary procedure may have distorted the nasal anatomy.

Besides reshaping the existent structural framework, a revision nose job will usually involve a cartilage graft. The surgeon will use cartilage from the ear or another donor area on the patient’s body to reconstruct and reshape the structure of the nose.

Scar Tissue Refinement

Scar tissue refinement is a common requirement in revision rhinoplasty. The appearance of the nose may be poorly affected because of excessive cartilage, or it may develop asymmetrical scar tissue if the primary nose reshaping surgery has not been successful.

In such cases, the surgeon may merely change the position of what already exists. If the patient needs more extensive refinement of the nose, the surgeon may eliminate more tissue to develop narrower nostrils, reduce the bridge of the nose, or refine the nasal tip.

Functional Improvement

While primary rhinoplasty may successfully create a cosmetically appealing nose, it may cause unanticipated breathing challenges for the patient.

The surgeon may use techniques such as turbinoplasty, grafting or other anatomical rectifications to correct the dynamics of the nasal airway and restore proper breathing through the nose without adversely impacting the aesthetic appearance of the nose.


Revision rhinoplasty surgery may sometimes lead to challenges in breathing temporarily right after the procedure.  The patient will experience slight pain and soreness in the incision sites as the effect of anesthesia subsides. The surgeon may place a splint outside the nose with soft packing in the nostrils.

The patient will need to visit the surgeon’s office in the first week for nasal packing removal. Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and other suburbs and neighborhoods in this area of California for revision rhinoplasty.

For more information on the surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments by Double Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes, please contact us at (800) 859-7509. Offices in Los Angeles and Bakersfield, CA. 

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