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Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Procedure Steps

Revision Rhinoplasty 

cosmetic surgery 49 300x200 - Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Procedure Steps | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesRevision rhinoplasty is often a more complex surgery to perform than the primary nose job.

It can be aesthetically and clinically difficult to restore a nose with revision nose surgery because the previous rhinoplasty may have caused changes to the nasal cartilage, and scar tissue may have replaced much of the nasal structure.

Precise Work

The nasal cartilage that remains is frequently misshaped and damaged. The surgeon must create a nasal structure through the use of cartilage grafts which is similar to the framework of a nose that has never undergone surgery.

The surgeon must perform this reconstruction precisely, and it should flow seamlessly to give the nose an appealing appearance that is well-balanced with the facial features of the patient.

Nose tissues that have been scarred or altered need to be placed in the correct position through a rearrangement of the framework of the nose. This complicated process must be performed while simultaneously addressing the already scarred skin and soft tissues.

Committed and double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes provides revision rhinoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and surrounding communities in this section of the southwest.


The first step in revision rhinoplasty is the pre-operative consultation. The surgeon will understand the patient’s reasons for seeking the revision procedure in terms of the nasal shape, appearance and functionality.

They will evaluate the extent of the changes that the nose has gone through during the initial rhinoplasty and understand the amount of cartilage, bone, and skin tissue that is still available for the corrective changes.

The surgeon will go over the patient’s past health and surgical records and speak with the previous surgeon or physician if necessary.

They may also order some imaging or lab tests for certain patients. Furthermore, the surgeon may show the patient before and after pictures of former rhinoplasty patients to enable them to develop realistic expectations from the procedure.

Surgical Planning

On the basis of the information gathered during the consultation process, the surgeon will devise a customized revision rhinoplasty plan to address the correction. This individualized plan is created with a focus on maintaining the natural balance of the face and ensuring that the overall facial appearance is improved with this nose reshaping procedure.

Revision rhinoplasty commonly involves the open surgery technique. The surgeon will discuss the anesthesia type and surgical venue with the patient beforehand during the consultation. They will use the old incision lines for the revision procedure as far as possible to mitigate the risk of new scarring.

Surgical Procedure


The surgeon may perform revision nose surgery under local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia. An anesthesiologist or registered anesthetist nurse is usually present in the surgical facility to oversee the patient’s reaction to the anesthesia.


The surgeon will place small incisions through which they will add, remove or modify the tissue, bone, and cartilage of the nose as detailed in the customized surgical plan. Some patients may require implants or grafting as well.

Double board certified plastic surgeon and successful Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and other suburbs and neighborhoods in this region of the country for revision rhinoplasty.

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