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Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Candidates

Revision Rhinoplasty 

17a5BbuFWuf6NQi9dUnbZo5jSSgCiI0QsWhah HnfkYw3G0LTWMLm7roHPeMkpMYB Q26OMCpqmYkGsCOJ6he4 300x287 - Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Candidates | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesChanges in the nasal shape or internal structure through rhinoplasty can change the patient’s life for the better and improve their self-esteem and confidence.

However, sometimes due to issues such as surgeon’s lack of expertise, post-surgical complications, or a delayed healing process, the final outcomes can be undesirable.

Patients may feel dissatisfied and frustrated with the consequences of such a rhinoplasty surgery. Revision rhinoplasty, also known as “secondary rhinoplasty,” can provide improvements in the aesthetic appearance as well as correct functional issues arising out of the primary rhinoplasty.

Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes provides revision rhinoplasty to suitable candidates in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and surrounding locations.


Individuals who are unhappy with the results of a previous rhinoplasty could be candidates for a revision procedure. A majority of patients who require a revision rhinoplasty procedure seek improvement in the following aspects:

  • Pinched tip
  • Folds around the nose
  • Upturned nostrils
  • Scooped out profile
  • Breathing issues

A revision rhinoplasty surgery is usually more complicated than the initial procedure because of scarring and lack of cartilage availability. This surgery is typically undertaken as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. The surgeon may use the old incision lines instead of placing new incisions to decrease the chances of further scarring.

Are You Pleased With How Your Nose Looks?

The primary reason that patients seek a revision rhinoplasty is undesirable outcomes from the initial nose reshaping surgery. A revision nose job can address small issues such as a minor dent or bump outside the nose or more significant ones like changes to the nasal tip.

Sometimes the outcomes are not as the patient anticipated when they met the surgeon initially, or they may have a different view of what is more appropriate for their face. Regardless of the cosmetic reasons for changing the nasal shape and size, a revision rhinoplasty can probably assist patients in accomplishing their desired results.

Does Your Nose Function Properly?

Even patients who are happy with the appearance of their noses may seek a revision nose reshaping surgery for functional problems. Several revision rhinoplasty patients find it challenging to breathe properly due to problems with their internal cartilage such as a broken or bent septum, too much cartilage, or internal collapse.

These conditions do not always obstruct the breathing entirely. At times, such problems only impact one side of the nose. Patients experiencing such challenges may snore or face issues in breathing during exercise.

Did Something Go Wrong with Your Initial Rhinoplasty?

Some patients face problems with their nose due to complications from a previous rhinoplasty. While not every patient experiences these difficulties, it is possible to develop these complications which can occur in various forms and degrees.

These problems can be anything from a mildly crooked septum to a complete collapse of the internal nose structure. The complications can also include conditions such as infection or the rejection of grafts or implants.

Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California, and nearby areas for revision rhinoplasty.

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