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Restylane Treatments – Hyaluronic Acid Beverly Hills

Restylane treatments are injections used to fill in lines and wrinkles in the face. The aging process can be harsh on the skin; with this injectable, we offer a solution.

Restylane is in the family of dermal fillers known as hyaluronic-acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the tissues, attracts water molecules and provides volume.

Synthetic hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient in Restylane. It is biocompatible with the body’s natural hyaluronic acid, and it is quite useful as a supplement for skin that has lost its natural hyaluronic acid with age.

Dr. Geoffrey Keyes is an experienced double-board-certified plastic surgeon serving the Beverly Hills area. Find out more about Restylane treatments and wrinkle reduction – contact our office and set up a complimentary consultation.

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