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Surgical Techniques

corrective procedures 300x200 - Surgical Techniques | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesConfidence and trust in your facial plastic surgeon are of the utmost importance when making the decision to have a surgical procedure. When meeting with Dr. Keyes, you will quickly recognize his common sense approach to the consultation.  He explains in understandable terms what needs to be done in your individual case, taking the mystery out of a complicated operation. Dr. Keyes brings a wealth of knowledge to the performance of rhinoplasty surgery. Recognized as one of the best-trained rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and around the globe, Dr. Geoffrey Keyes is recognized by influential societies, prestigious organization, and world-class surgeons as a trusted authority and innovator in the field of facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty.

Surgical Techniques

Dr. Keyes, one of the most accomplished rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, firmly believes that one surgical technique is not adequate for all patients. It is for that reason alone that he utilizes multiple surgical techniques to help a patient achieve the aesthetic results he or she wants and the functional improvements he or she needs. While it is essential for a surgeon to master several technical skills to perform rhinoplasty surgery, he or she must refer to his or her best judgment, surgical skill, and aesthetic expertise when choosing the correct technique for each specific case.

Prior to determining which surgical technique will work best on his patient, Dr. Keyes examines his or her nose, skin, and lip and cheek structure. By understanding the composition of the canvas in which he will be working on, he can better craft a corrective plan that fulfills your physical needs and exceeds your cosmetic expectations.  Video imaging is used to portray the anticipated result to the patient and determine what they want to achieve.

There are two main rhinoplasty techniques, those include open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. Dr. Keyes’ training in both Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has allowed him to focus on improving the function of the nose as well as its appearance.

Open Rhinoplasty vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

Dr. Keyes prefers to utilize the closed rhinoplasty technique, also known as endonasal rhinoplasty when performing nasal surgery. The reason many surgeons do not use the closed rhinoplasty technique is that the technique requires a skilled approach to reveal the composition of the nose and internal structures. Closed rhinoplasty is performed from within the nostrils using a variety of surgical tools and state-of-the-art instruments. Incisions are made from within the nose so scarring isn’t visible.  This lack of a visible scar is important to many patients.

Open rhinoplasty means that an incision is made along the soft tissue between the nostrils, making the misshaped cartilage more visible. Many doctors believe that using the open technique allows them to alter and manipulate the contour of the nose with heightened precision and control.  It is important to remember that either technique can be used, but it is the skill of the surgeon that determines the result.

Tip Cartilage Techniques

Exposure of the tip cartilages allows them to be sculpted.  The goal, in most cases, is to make the nasal tip look more refined and have an adequate degree of projection. Slight rotation of the nasal tip helps to soften the appearance of both the frontal, or forward-looking view, and the profile. Advantages of this technique include a single, camouflaged incision is created and the preservation of facets is maintained. Successful tip plasty surgery is crucial to the improvement of the appearance of the nose.

Dr. Keyes also offers:

For boxy-tipped noses

  • Nasal structure reshaping
  • Dome division
  • Cartilage grafting

For crooked, misshaped noses

  • Septoplasty
  • Hump reduction
  • Alar base resection
  • Cartilaginous spreader, plumping, and tip grafts
  • Tip plasty
  • Turbinate reduction

There is a wide range of techniques and approaches that Dr. Keyes utilizes during rhinoplasty surgery. Prior to undergoing a procedure, Dr. Keyes will discuss with you which surgical method he intends to use to complete your structural improvement. Not only will educating you to calm your nerves and even answer questions that you may have, but it will also simply take the mystery out of your surgery. Our goal is to make you feel prepared for and confident with the long-lasting alterations that we will be making to your nose.

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