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Nasal Structure

cosmetic surgery 72 300x291 - Nasal Structure | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesYour nose doesn’t define who you are, but its central location on your face makes it a focal point of your appearance. Your ethnic identity, hereditary traits, and past nasal injuries are evident at a glance through the appearance of your nose. If you are unhappy with the contour or function of your nose, it is important to consult with a trusted, experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who focuses on bringing form and function together to both improve your appearance and help you breathe better. Nasal surgery at our Los Angeles surgical center in Beverly Hills is performed to achieve harmony in your facial appearance in the most natural-looking way imaginable.

Dr. Keyes is a well-trained, respected, and knowledgeable facial plastic surgeon with over thirty years of experience. Dr. Geoffrey Keyes is committed to educating his patients about nasal surgery to ensure that they are well-informed about the procedure they are undertaking. Not only does he respect the structural integrity of his patients’ noses, he enhances the natural beauty of their faces, allowing them to express themselves with confidence.

Understanding the Anatomy of Your Nose

The anatomy of your nose directly affects your ability to breathe, smell, and even taste. It is for that reason that nasal surgery should be considered if you are experiencing sensory breathing problems. Nasal surgery, performed at our Los Angeles surgery center in Beverly Hills, is designed to correct deficiencies or abnormalities that exist within your nose.

The structure of your nose is comprised of cartilage and bone. Your nasal bone is positioned at the bridge of your nose, where your eyeglasses or sunglasses rest. The upper and lower lateral cartilages are just beneath the bridge of your nose and they function as support mechanisms for breathing. They are an important component of the nasal appearance. The nasal spine helps to support the framework of your nose upon which the cartilaginous septum rests.  It is the septum that divides the left nostril and right nostril.

Deviated Septum

The septum may become deviated or twisted, as a result of injury during birth or trauma experienced later in life, such as a broken nose. A deviated septum makes the nasal passages on one or both sides of your nose narrowed, blocked, and smaller. The condition can become problematic as it may impede airflow through the nose, making breathing and even smelling a difficult task. Not only can a deviated septum hinder the natural function of your nose, but it can also take away from the aesthetic appearance of your nose. Your nose may appear crooked or twisted, and look as if there is a hump on the bridge, or the tip of your nose may become over-projected or harshly rounded.

The Importance of Consulting a Skilled Surgeon

A deviated nasal septum may cause congestion. To improve your ability to breathe and augment the appearance of your nose in a natural-looking way, a septoplasty may be an ideal corrective nasal surgery treatment for you. Our Los Angeles surgeon in Beverly Hills is recognized for his skill in treating nasal obstruction and improving asymmetrical facial features. Dr. Geoffrey Keyes is well versed in the anatomy of the nose and the head and neck and has lectured at national meetings to other Plastic Surgeons on this topic. The majority of these nasal procedures are performed using the closed rhinoplasty technique. If your rhinoplasty surgeon doesn’t take into account the composition of your skin, muscles, and nasal tissue, your surgery may result in abnormal scarring and lessened sensitivity.

Being trained by Ear, Nose, Throat, and Facial Plastic Surgery specialists have allowed Dr. Keyes the chance to hone his surgical skills and refine his reconstructive surgery techniques. By re-sculpting, reshaping, and redefining the important elements of the nose through the inside instead of the outside, scars are invisible and a patient’s outcome following surgery is more satisfying.

Learn More about Nasal Surgery

To learn more about nasal surgery and the variety of rhinoplasty options that we offer at our facial plastic surgery center, please contact us today. During your consultation, Dr. Keyes will evaluate your nose, discuss with you the cosmetic desires you are hoping to achieve, and educate you on what steps can be taken to improve the function and aesthetic qualities of your facial features. He will perform video-imaging to demonstrate the anticipated changes that will occur as the result of your nasal procedure.