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Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

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Even the slightest alteration in your nasal structure can make a dramatic improvement in the appearance and function of your nose. Dr. Geoffrey Keyes believes that every patient, no matter his or her race or ethnicity, should be able to enhance his or her facial features without erasing his or her identifying ethnic qualities. As a specialist in rhinoplasty, Dr. Keyes is able to provide a wide range of safe, effective, and corrective procedures, including Middle Eastern rhinoplasty at his Los Angeles surgical center in Beverly Hills. Our goal is to augment the aesthetic of your facial features, highlighting the beauty of your nose, transforming your ability to breathe, and elevating your self-esteem, all the while not sacrificing the unique characteristics that make you unique.

Preparing for Your Procedure

Generally, Middle Eastern patients have a larger nose compared to the average Caucasian nose and either a very straight bridge or a large hump at the bridge of their nose. The thickness and texture of a patient’s nose must also be taken into account when a surgeon prepares for surgery. Dr. Keyes thoroughly evaluates the anatomic and aesthetic elements of a patient’s face and skin prior to formulating an ideal surgical plan. With his aesthetic eye, he is able to calculate which techniques to use and which procedural methods to use during surgery, which in turn makes your outcome look completely natural and balanced with the rest of your facial features.

For example, contrary to Caucasian noses, Middle Eastern noses shouldn’t be turned upward at the tip. If an inexperienced surgeon performs your rhinoplasty and doesn’t believe in blending the cosmetic enhancement with all of your ethnic features, your result will look out of place, artificial, and unbalanced compared to the rest of the facial features. To add appropriate tip support without changing your ethnic qualities, Dr. Keyes may add multiple cartilage grafts and a combination of surgical techniques to narrow the tip cartilage and make the nasal tip more defined.

Benefits of Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

By making strategic modifications to the nose, Dr. Keyes can improve the structural integrity and soften the profile of your face. Although every case we see is different, most patients with a Middle Eastern background have a droopy nose that lacks sufficient tip support, although the tip is generally large. Middle Eastern rhinoplasty procedures at our state-of-the-art surgical center in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, are customized to fulfill your unique cosmetic needs and assist you in reaching your cosmetic goals. The benefits of rhinoplasty stretch beyond physical results, to reveal emotional and health benefits as well. Some benefits of Middle Eastern rhinoplasty include:

  • Reduction in the height of the dorsum column
  • Smoother, better-contoured bridge
  • Strengthened nasal tip
  • Reduction of the rounded nasal tip
  • Nasal hump reduction
  • Minimized nasal base
  • Smaller nostrils
  • Smaller, overall nose
  • Improved breathing
  • Improved congestion
  • Augmented self-esteem
  • Improvement in your appearance
  • Results last a lifetime
  • Learn More about Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

    Most commonly, patients who have an ethnic background want to improve the appearance of their nose rather than drastically alter their facial features. Middle Eastern rhinoplasty at our Los Angeles surgical Center in Beverly Hills can strengthen and soften the contour of your nose and restore your confidence. Contact Dr. Keyes to learn more about the various surgical treatment options we offer or to schedule a comprehensive consultation. By adding definition to your nose, we aren’t defining who you are; we are redefining your level of confidence and aesthetic beauty.