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Caucasian Rhinoplasty

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In 2011, roughly 244,000 rhinoplasty procedures were performed, making it the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure. More than ever before, individuals desire a permanent change in their physical appearance. Performing ethnic rhinoplasty, including Caucasian rhinoplasty at our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills surgical center, means that surgical expert Dr. Geoffrey Keyes takes into account aesthetic variations and the anatomic differences that exist within every patient’s facial features. By discussing with a patient his or her cosmetic goals and evaluating his or her facial structure, talented rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Keyes can begin to develop, customize, and strategically structure a patient’s surgical plan.

Our Specialist Nose Best

Attention to detail, surgical precision, compassionate care, and tremendously knowledgeable are just a few of the terms that used to describe Dr. Geoffrey Keyes and his surgical staff. The tight-knit group of certified nurses, anesthesiologists, technicians, administrators, and doctors understands the anatomic differences that exist within ethnicities. Dr. Keyes has a wealth of experience creating cosmetic enhancements that are the perfect balance of aesthetic beauty and ethnic normality. For years, Dr. Keyes has been a teacher, innovator, and knowledgeable resource to other medical professionals, students, and instructors around the world.

His acceptance and participation in a multitude of prestigious organizations, foundations, and societies, including The Rhinoplasty Society, California Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, and Aesthetic Society Education and Research Foundation, just to name a few, alone proves his commitment to surgical excellence and the pursuit of higher education. His phenomenal surgical techniques make retaining diverse characteristics while modifying and reconstructing nasal features, possible for patients of all ethnicities.

Determining Your Needs and Crafting a Treatment Plan

Do we want to know, what features of your nose make you unhappy? Ideally, what cosmetic changes do you our surgeon to make to your nasal structure? The answers to those two questions plan an essential role in the level satisfaction you feel with your cosmetic outcome. Dr. Keyes builds a trusted and respected professional relationship with his patients by communicating with them about all aspects of rhinoplasty.

He thoroughly discusses with you your goals for treatment and explains to you how best to go about achieving them. Video imaging is used during your comprehensive physical evaluation so both the surgeon and patient can view the nose from all angles. The computerized images can then be altered to a patient’s specifications then reshaped according to our surgeon’s strategic plan. We want to take the mystery out of your procedure, which is why Dr. Keyes spends an ample amount of time helping patients understand the surgical techniques he will use with you, what will happen before, during, and after surgery, and how the cosmetic alterations will affect the structural integrity of your nose.

Benefits of Caucasian Rhinoplasty

While most patients are primarily concerned with the unattractive qualities of their noses, Dr. Keyes is focused on improving both the form, function of their nasal structures. With every Caucasian rhinoplasty procedure, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon Dr. Keyes works to restructure the composition of your nasal column for an improved aesthetic, natural-looking outcome that enhances the beauty of your face and appears unified with your existing facial features. Features of Caucasian noses include thinner skin, firmer cartilage, and, in some cases, a humped bridge. Caucasian Rhinoplasty can improve:

  • The nasal tip
  • The hump or twist in your nose
  • The contour of your dorsum column
  • Your ability to breath
  • Your feeling of congestion
  • Your profile
  • The protrusion of your nose
  • And soften your facial features
  • The aesthetics of your face
  • The symmetry of your nose
  • Your confidence
  • Your overall appearance
  • A variety of implants, grafts, and cartilage removal and/or cartilage distribution can completely transform the structure, shape, and size of your nose. During your consultation, Dr. Keyes will discuss with you which surgical technique will work best for your unique case so you can achieve superior, natural-looking results.

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