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African American Rhinoplasty

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The anatomy of each individual’s nasal structure is different. Over the last several years surgeons have seen an even greater range of nasal anatomy in patients who come from an African American background. We now see a larger variety of nostril shapes, nasal lengths, bridge length, nasal projection, and dorsal height. African American rhinoplasty, at our state-of-the-art Los Angeles practice in Beverly Hills, is just one of the categories of facial cosmetic surgery in which our esteemed rhinoplasty surgeon can alter and improve several features and functions of the nose. Rather than making every patient conform to the same treatment plan, Dr. Geoffrey Keyes offers a wide range of rhinoplasty procedures, all of which utilize a variety of surgical techniques.

Rebuilding the Framework of Your Nasal Structure

Each patient’s needs, cosmetic goals, preferences are different. In most cases, African American patients desire a:

  • Narrower alar base
  • More defined nasal tip
  • Smaller nostril flare
  • More contoured bridge
  • Dr. Geoffrey Keyes helps patients achieve the cosmetic outcome they crave, in the most natural-looking way imaginable. During your comprehensive consultation, Dr. Keyes will discuss with you your physical objectives to gain a clearer understanding of what aspects of your nose you are unhappy with and what results you are hoping to see. Following a detailed dialogue, Dr. Keyes will evaluate the anatomy of your face, skin, and facial structures.

    An Up-close Look at African American Rhinoplasty

    Although Dr. Keyes has several decades’ worth of experience enhancing the aesthetic and function of patients’ noses, he approaches each case with an open mind and on an individual basis. Rather than designing his surgical plan according to preconceived, generalized notions relating to the nasal structure of African American patients, he tailors the treatment to fulfill your physical, emotional, and healthcare needs. Our goal is to come to a mutual understanding on how best to enhance your unique facial characteristics, improve your ability to breathe, and augment your self-esteem, all the while never compromising your individualized ethnic traits.

    Video imaging allows both the surgeon and patient the opportunity to view your facial features from several angles. Our interactive technology gives every patient the opportunity to play a hands-on role in the strategic planning of his or her surgery. Once the video image has been uploaded to our computer, the image can be altered to reveal a patient’s specific desires. By first enhancing the features of your nose in which you are unhappy with and then re-sculpting other elements of the nose, to make the appearance more natural, Dr. Keyes can strategically map out the precise details of your surgery and educate you on how he will go about proceeding with the procedure.

    Correcting the Contour of the Nose

    If the lack of definition in the nasal tip is of concern, Dr. Keyes can add structural support to the lower third of the nose during African American rhinoplasty surgery at his Los Angeles and Beverly Hills practice, making your tip more prominent. Lower, lateral, nasal cartilage and the cartilage in the base (alar base) of the nose is soft and flexible. The lower third of the nasal structure is often the topic of discussion with African American patients who desire a cosmetic change.

    A flared, puffy-looking, extended, undefined, wide nasal base can cause your nose to overpower the rest of your face. To reduce the overall size of the lower portion of the nose, Dr. Keyes uses a technique called alar base reduction, in which he minimizes the size of the bottom of the nose to improve the proportion, aesthetic, symmetry, and balance of your facial features.

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    The benefits of African American rhinoplasty, at our Los Angeles surgical center in Beverly Hills, are not just evidently seen through your physical transformation, they are revealed through your elevated confidence and improved ability to breathe. We work to create the most natural-looking nasal transformations which appear and function better than ever before. Contact Dr. Geoffrey Keyes to learn more about the corrective surgical options which may be right for you.