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Tip Plasty

original inline Tiplasty - Tip Plasty | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesYour nose should dictate your personality and visually complement the shape of your face, your age, and ethnicity. A nose is considered to be most appealing when it doesn’t possess a hump, the dorsum column is perfectly straight, and the tip is positioned at the highest point on your nasal profile. For women, the tip of the nose should be slightly upturned, while men’s noses should form a forty-five-degree angle in connection with the mouth. Altering the tip of your nose through tip plasty surgery at our Los Angeles rhinoplasty practice in Beverly Hills can significantly enhance the appearance of your nose, revising your entire profile and making your facial features more refined.

Redefining the Shape of Your Nose

Tip plasty is a corrective procedure used by our skilled Los Angeles and Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to reshape the contour of a nose for a more aesthetically sound, natural-looking appearance. By altering the cartilage of the nasal tip, Dr. Geoffrey Keyes can add a more attractive shape to the tip of your nose and nostrils region. Cartilage can be harvested from several discrete locations throughout your body including your inner ear, nasal septum, or ribs and transplanted to your nasal tip for cosmetic enhancement. Dr. Keyes works directly with his patients to unravel their aesthetic goals and create realistic expectations for treatment.

Often, patients know what they want to change about their nose, but they don’t understand that their nasal structure may have to be altered in multiple ways to achieve an aesthetic, natural-looking result. Dr. Keyes carefully explains to his patients, in great detail, the measures that will be taken during surgery to redefine the shape of their nose and improve their breathing. In order to successfully reshape the curvature of your nasal tip, cartilage may need to be removed and then redistributed to the underlying framework of your nose for a more flawless, contoured, softer appearance.

In comparison, is impossible to give shape to a pillow by removing the amount of cotton within. The cushion substance is what adds dimension and shape to the pillow. Often, you may remove the original cotton from the pillow, reshape it by pulling it apart and re-dispersing it, and then add additional stuffing when needed. Ultimately, the newly reshaped or added cotton provides the framework for the re-sculpted pillow, making it look brand-new and more defined.

Benefits of Tip Plasty

The benefits of undergoing a corrective procedure at our exceptional rhinoplasty surgery center are endless. Not only will your outcome reveal superb physical results, it will impose aesthetic, health, and emotional benefits as well. Tip Plasty at our Los Angeles center in Beverly Hills can change:

  • The shape, size, and contour of the tip of your nose
  • Redefine the tip of your nose
  • Your confidence
  • Your facial profile
  • The attractiveness of your nose
  • Or balance out the level of symmetry on your face

Additionally, tip plasty surgery can change the way you feel about your nose, forever. Results from the facial cosmetic procedure are long-lasting and will continue to look and feel wonderfully natural as you age.

Trusted Hands Creating Natural-looking Facial Enhancements

Dr. Keyes has over thirty years of experience developing customized treatment plans to correct the aesthetic and improve the functionality to patient’s noses. His surgical skills, success rate, and innate ability to formulate idealistic plans of action to take when addressing his patient’s needs and desires make his stand out as one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in the world.

Simply being chosen to be a part of The Rhinoplasty Society, among many other esteemed organizations, wasn’t enough for this Los Angeles and Beverly Hills specialist. In fact, Dr. Keyes sits on several prestigious boards, including The Rhinoplasty Society, and he holds multiple positions including Treasurer of The Rhinoplasty Society, President of Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons, and Vice President of American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.

Because of the extensive knowledge, credibility, and raw talent that Dr. Keyes possesses, patients, doctors, and surgeons from around the world seek advice and treatment from him. Fellow medical professionals and specialists continue their education with him as their reputable advisor, as Dr. Keyes is a trusted resource for leading information in the rhinoplasty and facial cosmetic surgery field.

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Dr. Keyes takes more details into account than most surgeons do. Not only will he customize your one-of-a-kind treatment plan to cosmetic goals you have for your nose, he tailors the plan to the physical needs and specifications of your skin, cheeks, the angle of your lips, and the genetic or ethnic characteristics that your face possesses. To learn more about the superior quality procedures that we offer, contact Dr. Keyes today. You deserve nothing but the best, and at the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Keyes, you will receive the comprehensive, detailed, and phenomenal treatment that you deserve.