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Revisional Breast Surgery

revisional breast surgery beverly hills - Revisional Breast Surgery | Beverly Hills | Los Angeles
Dissatisfaction with the appearance of your breasts can take a significant toll on your confidence. Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes performs revisional breast surgery for patients in the Los Angeles, CA, area who wish to correct or change their breast implants. Some reasons for seeking this procedure include implants that have ruptured or shifted, the formation of scar tissue around the implant, and the desire to change implant size or remove them permanently. As a double-board-certified plastic surgeon and leader in his field, Dr. Keyes provides safe, natural-looking aesthetic procedures to help you look and feel your best. To learn more about revisional breast surgery, please contact us today.

Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery

Sometimes, even good candidates for breast augmentation experience less than ideal results following their surgery. This may happen immediately, or it may occur over time. Complications may develop with the implant itself or the pocket that contains it. Changes to the skin or tissue can also result in undesired changes. These may occur in one or both breasts. Some women also decide that they would like a bigger or smaller implant, or they choose to remove their implants altogether.

Some reasons for seeking revisional breast surgery include:

  • Saline implants that have deflated or silicone implants that have developed a leak
  • Hardening of the capsule that encases the implant, which may tighten uncomfortably (capsular contracture)
  • Rippling of a saline implant (edges can be seen or felt)
  • Implants that have migrated because the implant pockets were created too far apart, too close together, or too large
  • Weak tissue that causes the implant pocket to drop lower than desired (bottoming out)

How Breast Revisions Are Performed

Dr. Keyes has several options to improve the appearance of the breasts. Usually, he can use your original incision to minimize scarring.

Replacing the Implant

To correct implants that are deflated or leaking, or to change implant size, Dr. Keyes can remove the old implant and insert a new one. If the skin has stretched with large implants, Dr. Keyes may recommend a breast lift at the same time as the removal. It is important to keep in mind a lift may involve additional incisions. If you are not having new implants placed, then he will likely remove the lining of the implant pocket, which will help speed healing.

Removing Scar Tissue

Called a breast capsulectomy, this procedure completely removes the thickened capsule surrounding the breast implant. The implant is then reinserted into the existing pocket or replaced with a new one.

Repositioning the Implant

To correct implants that have migrated or shifted out of place, Dr. Keyes can reconstruct the pocket. He achieves the appropriate implant position with suturing techniques. He may also utilize other tissues or supportive mesh to enhance the result and prevent the implant from moving in the future.

Choosing a Surgeon

Breast revision is a more challenging procedure for surgeons than a first-time breast augmentation. Therefore, is it very important for patients to choose their surgeon carefully. In addition to certification by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology, Dr. Keyes has served as president of several prestigious surgical societies and is widely recognized for his dedication to his patients and commitment to excellence. To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Keyes, contact us today.