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Breast Lift

133401035 s wm - Breast Lift | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesInevitably, gravity and loss of skin elasticity will cause your breasts to droop over time. Pregnancy and weight changes can also greatly contribute to loss of breast volume and a sagging appearance. Fortunately, breast lift surgery at the Los Angeles, CA, practice of Dr. Geoffrey R. Keyes can correct this problem and restore a firmer, rejuvenated appearance to your breasts. With this popular cosmetic procedure, Dr. Keyes trims away excess skin and tightens underlying tissue to raise and firm your breasts. Dr. Keyes is a renowned plastic surgeon with a reputation for ensuring the highest degree of patient satisfaction. To learn how he can help you reach your aesthetic goals, schedule a consultation with Dr. Keyes today.

Determining Your Candidacy

Candidates for a breast lift (mastopexy) are women who are dissatisfied with the shape of their breasts due to sagging or loss of volume. Although a breast lift can restore height and tighten skin, it will not significantly change breast size or add roundness to the upper chest. If a fuller look is desired, candidates may choose to have implants placed at the same time as their breast lift.

In general, candidates for breast lift should be nonsmokers in good overall health. If you do smoke, you will need to quit for a period before and after surgery, since it can interfere with healing. You should also be at or near your ideal weight, and planning to maintain a stable weight. If you are considering starting a family or having more children, you may want to postpone this type of surgery, since pregnancy could cause significant alteration to the appearance of your lifted breasts.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Dr. Keyes can choose among several different breast lift techniques to achieve the best result for your individual needs. Different incision patterns can be used depending upon how much correction is required. Since all techniques start with an incision around the areola, patients may choose to reduce the size of their areolae if they have stretched along with the breast. After making the incision or incisions, Dr. Keyes will remove excess skin and tissue, lifting and tightening the breast structure. He will then reposition the nipples and areolae to achieve the most natural, youthful-looking results. He will place the incisions skillfully to minimize the appearance of any visible scarring.

Before the procedure begins, Dr. Keyes’ board-certified anesthesiologist will provide sedation and remain throughout the procedure to monitor you. Once contouring is complete, Dr. Keyes will close the incisions and apply surgical dressings and a specialized bandage. You will wear a support bra for the next few weeks, which will help minimize discomfort and also aid healing. During the first few weeks after surgery, you should avoid strenuous activities. Your sutures will be removed after one to two weeks, and it may take more than a month for the final results of your breast lift to become fully apparent.

Schedule a Consultation

As a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Keyes is well qualified to perform your breast enhancement surgery. He does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and will work closely with you to achieve the results you desire. To learn more, contact our helpful staff today.