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Otoplasty: A common procedure for children and teens to help overcome common bullying

Otoplasty or Ear Surgery, a very common but not so often talked about surgery for children and adults alike, is a surgical procedure to the ears that helps to correct protruding ears and other external ear deformities.

Otoplasty is an especially prevalent procedure among children and teens. Often times, children can be sensitive to having prominent ears because of bullying or other social factors. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the incidence of cosmetic surgery among children and teens has risen by about 30 percent over the past decade. The increase in bullying behavior by children and teens to their peers is a component to this rising trend.

Click here to read an article about Samantha, a 7-year-old girl, and Brian, an 11-year-old boy, who recently underwent Otoplasty to avoid bullying, and other factors that contribute to the decision for people to undergo Otoplasty.

Click here to watch a short video recently developed by Insider Edition about Gage, a 6-year-old boy who also underwent Otoplasty for bullying reasons, and follow his surgical experience before, during, and after.

It is imperative to find a highly-qualified surgeon who prioritizes safety, especially for procedures for children. Dr. Keyes has been performing Otoplasty on children and adults for over 20 years, and his record and qualifications differentiate him from the many surgeons in the surrounding area and nation-wide.

During your consultation, Dr. Keyes will discuss the procedure in detail, show before/after pictures of past Otoplasty patients, go over common concerns you and your family may have, and emphasize his focus on patient safety and care.

To learn more about Otoplasty and to schedule a complimentary consultation for you or your child, please call our office at (310) 859-9388 or toll-free at (800) 859-7509.

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