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Necklift Procedure – Beverly Hills Neck Recontouring

An aged-looking neck may have issues such as wrinkles and folds, a double chin, and a turkey wattle. These can make a person feel self-conscious and unattractive. For a smooth, tight neck, consider coming in for a rejuvenating necklift procedure.

The necklift procedure is designed to recontour the neck and the jawline to restore a youthful appearance. This is accomplished through three surgical processes: the removal of excess sagging skin tissue, the tightening of drooping platysma muscle tissue, and the suctioning of unwanted fatty tissue deposits.

Arrange an informative consultation regarding the necklift procedure – contact our office to get started. With the help of experienced double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful neck that you deserve.

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