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Liposuction Procedure Gone Wrong

Liposuction Gone Wrong Leaves Patient in Coma

Liposuction procedure leaves a Florida woman in a coma.

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"An operation that began as a routine cosmetic surgery procedure ended with the patient in a coma. Authorities later learned the doctor was not board certified in plastic surgery, and the facility was not licensed for the procedure.

Sources say 37-year-old Rohie Kah-Oruktoan, mother of three, is now clinically brain dead after undergoing liposuction at Weston MedSpa, an unlicensed medical facility in Weston, Florida. Her surgeon was Dr. Omar Brito, who is reportedlylicensed. According to his attorney, Brian Bieber, the woman had been a customer at the facility for almost five years. The operation in question was a minimally invasive procedure.

The exact complications are still unknown. However, sources also quote attorney Michael Freedland, who is representing the patient’s family. He has said he suspects the use of lidocaine, an anesthetic, as a factor. Dr. Brito attended medical school in Venezuela and is not board certified in plastic surgery; however, his attorney said that Dr. Brito has been performing liposuction for almost four years. The doctor’s Florida Department of Health profile indicates no such training, and the Weston MedSpa is not licensed by the state’s Agency for Health Care Administration, which regulates medical facilities.

We spoke with Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, an expert in patient safety, about what patients need to know if they are considering a cosmetic surgery at a MedSpa.

Brito’s attorney maintains that his client is not at fault, though he intends to cooperate with authorities. Currently, the woman’s husband is reportedly debating on whether or not to keep his wife on life support."

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