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Latisse – Eyelash Restoration Beverly Hills

Latisse is a topical prescription medication used to regrow lashes that are looking thin, short, and pale. With this treatment, your eyelashes can be full, dark, and thick once again!

To apply Latisse to your upper eyelids, first hold the sterile Latisse applicator horizontally. Place a single drop of the medication near the applicator’s tip, then use it to spread the drop on one upper eyelid, right above the lash line; start near the nose and spread outward.

Repeat this process with another drop for your other eyelid. No more than one drop should be used per lid, and only the upper eyelids should be treated.

Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, a skilled double-board-certified plastic surgeon, can tell you more about how and when to apply Latisse eyelash medication during a complimentary consultation. Contact our office to arrange a consultation.

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