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Healthcare News: Improving patient safety with the new ICD-10

The ins and outs of medical data, medical records, and healthcare IT may not always be an exciting topic of conversation at the dinner table, but when it comes to healthcare advances and their impact on patient safety, we can’t get enough! Here is a snapshot of some advances that are ultimately improving patient care, which is our priority.

This past October 1st marked the official transition date for ICD-10, a newer, more robust coding system used by the medical community to identify diagnostic and procedural data for patients. This means more thorough data capturing, and thus, more efficient healthcare administration utilized by the health information technology (HIT) community. How does this relate back to patient safety? The more data we have, the more opportunity we have to learn from it and to enhance how patient care is managed and deployed.

Read this short article about the ICD-10 transition or click here to read 10 ways ICD-10 will improve the Quality of Care. 

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