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Gynecomastia – Beverly Hills Male Breast Reduction

If you are a man with a chest that appears more feminine than you would like, you may have a condition known as gynecomastia. Patients frequently come to our office to resolve this condition, restoring a more masculine chest.

Gynecomastia has a wide variety of potential root causes. Excess male breast tissue may develop in a patient as a result of heredity, recreational drug use, obesity, hormone level fluctuations, various diseases, or the side effects of medication.

Diagnosing the exact cause of a patient’s gynecomastia is not always a simple thing. Regardless, if non-surgical solutions are ineffective, we typically employ the subcutaneous mastectomy procedure to recontour the male chest.

Contact us if you would like a complimentary gynecomastia consultation. During this, your male breasts will be evaluated by Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, an experienced double-board-certified plastic surgeon. A treatment plan will then be proposed.

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