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Can plastic surgery make you “more likable and trustworthy”?

facelift blog - Can plastic surgery make you "more likable and trustworthy"? | Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

The latest news in plastic surgery is all about a recent report published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. This report, titled “Effect of Facial Rejuvenation Surgery on Perceived Attractiveness, Femininity, and Personality,” looked at how people are perceived differently by others after they have had facial rejuvenation surgeries such as face lifts, brow and eye lifts, and neck lifts. The report found surprisingly positive correlations beyond the expected.

Not only do these procedures have the power to make people look younger, more energized, etc., but they also affect how one’s inherent personality is perceived by others on levels such as trustworthiness, niceness, approachability, social skillfulness, and femininity.

But how? For example, facial rejuvenation surgeries can have the ability to address frown lines and reduce the look of frowning, making one look “nicer.” Rounder and firmer cheeks accentuate the look of laughing or smiling, improving “likability.” And the more shocking of the bunch, trustworthiness, raised a lot of brows (no pun intended!). Wider eyes and generally more “attractive” results lead to an increased sense of trustworthiness by those studied.

This is not to say that facial procedures are for everyone or that they are guaranteed to lead to such results, but the concept that plastic surgery and rejuvenating procedures have the potential to go beyond the expected and impact deep-rooted aspects of personal perception is certainly intriguing.

To learn more about these fascinating findings, check out FOX News’ article: Can Plastic Surgery Make You Appear More Trustworthy?

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