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Augmentation Mastopexy – Breast Enhancement Beverly Hills

An augmentation mastopexy – a combination of implant-based breast augmentation and a breast lift – is popular among many patients, particularly mothers who have breastfed their children.

During pregnancy, the breasts experience an increase in size. As the breasts grow, the skin also expands.

During breastfeeding, the breasts experience a decrease in size. The skin, unfortunately, often cannot shrink down to fit the new breast size. The excess skin causes the breasts to sag.

Thus, after breastfeeding, many women are left with sagging breasts that are smaller than they were before pregnancy. Augmentation mastopexy enhances breast size while trimming away excess sagging skin.

Dr. Geoffrey Keyes is a double-board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience. Contact us today for a consultation regarding augmentation mastopexy and its numerous benefits.

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