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Aesthetic Society Education and Research Foundation

The Plastic Surgery Channel interviews former President Dr. Geoffrey Keyes about the importance of ASERF's mission.

ASER  Funding Research for Patients

"Plastic surgery channel expert and current President of ASERF (Aesthetic Society Education and Research Foundation), Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, discusses ASERF and why it is important for patients to know about this foundation.

The Aesthetic Society Education and Research  Foundation ( ASERF ) is an unique entity that spend 100% of its funds on plastic surgery research.   The research on clinical plastic surgery topics has helped patients obtain better and  safer results in aesthetic surgery procedures.

Dr. Keyes who practices in Los Angeles and the current president of ASERF explains how important research is to provide patients with better, safer, more optimal results.  Current projects being  studied include: biofilms, bacteria and capsular contracture,  topical anesthetic agents, fat injection to the breast, and high resolution ultrasound for for breast implant follow-up.

These studies are a few  of the very important work ASERF does and  patients will get  direct benefits from the results in the coming years."

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