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Breast Reduction – Reduction Mammaplasty Beverly Hills

Breast Reduction – Reduction Mammaplasty Beverly Hills

Women with large breasts sometimes suffer from both physical and emotional discomfort. Larger-than-average breast volume can be due to either excess glandular breast tissue, excess fatty tissue, or some combination of the two. Techniques for breast reduction are chosen with this in mind.

During breast reduction surgery, excess glandular breast tissue can be taken out through a technique called surgical excision, which is performed with a scalpel. Fatty tissue deposits can be removed with liposuction, which involves removing fat cells using a thin plastic tube and vacuum suction. Excess skin can also be trimmed away surgically with the aid of a scalpel.

Dr. Geoffrey Keyes is a skilled double-board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience performing breast reduction surgery and many other procedures. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Necklift Procedure – Beverly Hills Neck Recontouring

An aged-looking neck may have issues such as wrinkles and folds, a double chin, and a turkey wattle. These can make a person feel self-conscious and unattractive. For a smooth, tight neck, consider coming in for a rejuvenating necklift procedure.

The necklift procedure is designed to recontour the neck and the jawline to restore a youthful appearance. This is accomplished through three surgical processes: the removal of excess sagging skin tissue, the tightening of drooping platysma muscle tissue, and the suctioning of unwanted fatty tissue deposits.

Arrange an informative consultation regarding the necklift procedure – contact our office to get started. With the help of experienced double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful neck that you deserve.

Eye Lift – Blepharoplasty Options Beverly Hills

An eye lift, also known as blepharoplasty surgery, is used to address loose skin, puffiness, fine lines, and more. This procedure is ideal for recontouring anywhere from one to all four of your eyelids. Many patients only need their upper eyelids corrected or their lower eyelids corrected.

Correcting a single eyelid is called unilateral blepharoplasty. When both of the top or bottom lids are being recontoured, this is considered bilateral blepharoplasty. Finally, in the case where all four of the eyelids are being revitalized, this is quadrilateral blepharoplasty.

During a consultation with Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, he will evaluate your eyelids and determine which type of eye lift is necessary to achieve your beauty goals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Healthcare News: Improving patient safety with the new ICD-10

The ins and outs of medical data, medical records, and healthcare IT may not always be an exciting topic of conversation at the dinner table, but when it comes to healthcare advances and their impact on patient safety, we can’t get enough! Here is a snapshot of some advances that are ultimately improving patient care, which is our priority.

This past October 1st marked the official transition date for ICD-10, a newer, more robust coding system used by the medical community to identify diagnostic and procedural data for patients. This means more thorough data capturing, and thus, more efficient healthcare administration utilized by the health information technology (HIT) community. How does this relate back to patient safety? The more data we have, the more opportunity we have to learn from it and to enhance how patient care is managed and deployed.

Read this short article about the ICD-10 transition or click here to read 10 ways ICD-10 will improve the Quality of Care. 

Otoplasty: A common procedure for children and teens to help overcome common bullying

Otoplasty or Ear Surgery, a very common but not so often talked about surgery for children and adults alike, is a surgical procedure to the ears that helps to correct protruding ears and other external ear deformities.

Otoplasty is an especially prevalent procedure among children and teens. Often times, children can be sensitive to having prominent ears because of bullying or other social factors. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the incidence of cosmetic surgery among children and teens has risen by about 30 percent over the past decade. The increase in bullying behavior by children and teens to their peers is a component to this rising trend.

Click here to read an article about Samantha, a 7-year-old girl, and Brian, an 11-year-old boy, who recently underwent Otoplasty to avoid bullying, and other factors that contribute to the decision for people to undergo Otoplasty.

Click here to watch a short video recently developed by Insider Edition about Gage, a 6-year-old boy who also underwent Otoplasty for bullying reasons, and follow his surgical experience before, during, and after.

It is imperative to find a highly-qualified surgeon who prioritizes safety, especially for procedures for children. Dr. Keyes has been performing Otoplasty on children and adults for over 20 years, and his record and qualifications differentiate him from the many surgeons in the surrounding area and nation-wide.

During your consultation, Dr. Keyes will discuss the procedure in detail, show before/after pictures of past Otoplasty patients, go over common concerns you and your family may have, and emphasize his focus on patient safety and care.

To learn more about Otoplasty and to schedule a complimentary consultation for you or your child, please call our office at (310) 859-9388 or toll-free at (800) 859-7509.

Breast Implants – Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an incredibly popular plastic surgery procedure. To achieve your desired bustline, you will work with your plastic surgeon to decide on the specifications of your breast implants. These specifications will affect both the appearance and the feeling of your breasts.

During a breast augmentation consultation, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss your ideal implant size, type, texture, and shape.

Other choices to be made for your breast augmentation include the incision site, incision pattern, and placement of the implant in relation to the muscle.

Interested in arranging an informative consultation regarding your breast implants? If so, contact our office. You will be able to meet with double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Keyes and discuss your options in greater detail.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon for You

Dr. Keyes discusses the keys to finding a great surgeon with The Plastic Surgery Channel.

Choosing a surgeon can be a difficult task. You’d think that with the internet, finding the right surgeon would be easy, but in fact, the internet gives us so much information on everyone and anyone, it can be overwhelming! Information is the key to success, but patients need to know which bits of information to look for, and what they mean in terms of a great surgeon.

Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, a double board certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, goes over the key information to learn about a surgeon before going forward with a procedure.

Finding the best plastic surgeon for you can be easy if you narrow down the possibilities by prioritizing your safety, carefully reviewing the qualifications of your surgeon, and asking the right questions during your consultation.

Read below for 3 simple steps for finding the best plastic surgeon for you, or click here  to watch this video on Plastic Surgery Channel’s website.

Rule #1: Verifying Board Certification

Certification is the ultimate form of recognition physicians receive to quantify their abilities. All surgeons go to medical school and train in surgery afterward, but not all surgeons go on after those steps to attain recognition by their peers. Identifying a surgeon is board certified by the appropriate board is step one. “The first thing to do is get on the internet and look at the website of different surgeon’s. You’ll see pretty pictures, sites that advertise that they’re the greatest surgeon in the world… It’s hard for patients,” says Dr. Keyes. “Really you have to start with understanding credentials.  The only two specialties that train doctors to do rhinoplasty are otolaryngology/facial plastic surgery or general plastic surgery. Both require doctors to go through a rigorous training program, examination and eventually demonstrate their skills so that they’re able to perform these types of procedures.”

  American Board Plastic Surgery logo - 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon for You | Beverly Hills | Los Angeles    abo - 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon for You | Beverly Hills | Los Angeles


Rule #2: The Consultation

Establishing the significant credentials of a surgeon is an easy process that can be done at home. Discovering who that surgeon is and if they will be compatible with you and your goals is only achievable from a face-to-face consultation. “Even though you’ve researched on the web, the most important aspect is the consultation,” says Keyes. “How do you feel with the doctor? Do you sense a level of integrity? Did they show you pre and post operative pictures from multiple views so you can get a flavor of how the patient really came out?”


Rule #3: Connecting with Your Surgeon

The third rule is the second part of consulting with a surgeon. You’ve seen before and afters and they look great! But how are you connecting with the surgeon? Do you feel comfortable in the setting, with both the surgeon and his staff? Do their facilities look good and are they accredited? These are the final questions patients must ask themselves before deciding on a surgeon.

“An understanding of how you feel they connect with you character-wise is the ultimate step,” says Keyes. “When you’ve put those three things together so that you’re comfortable with all of them, then you’ve found your surgeon.”



To schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Keyes and learn about his focus on patient safety, his 30-years of experience, and his many qualifications and credentials, call us at (310) 859-9388. You can also fill out the Complimentary Consultation form below.