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Mommy Makeovers: Helping women get back their pre-baby body confidence

Mommy Makeovers: Helping women get back their pre-baby body confidence

Summer is in full swing – time for bathing suits, shorts, and tank tops. And with many moms, this time of year can also mean reluctantly showing some skin to beat the heat. “Mommy Makeovers” are a term for combination plastic surgeries that has been receiving a bit of buzz over the last few years, and are in high demand.

What is a Mommy Makeover? Mommy Makeovers can vary in specifics, but generally consist of multiple plastic surgeries combined to improve post-pregnancy bodies, including breast augmentation, reduction, and/or lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction, to name a few of the more commonly combined procedures.

By tackling some of the more common bodily areas affected by pregnancy, moms are finding renewed confidence in themselves and receiving the results they may have been chasing at the gym unsuccessfully.

Health risks to consider? The most important aspect to consider when discussing combining procedures is the possible health risks of undergoing multiple surgeries at once. Depending on the severity of excess skin, fat, or the nature of the surgeries otherwise, it is usually best to separate procedures by a week or two in order to avoid common complications such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clot in the vein) or Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot that travels to the lungs). It is very important to completely understand the health implications of combining surgeries and speak with your surgeon at great length about the risks involved, as safety should always come first.

Mommy Makeover isn’t just for mommies… Keep in mind, the concept of combining procedures such as these isn’t just for post-pregnancy mothers and can benefit the right candidate at any life stage; but the term “Mommy Makeover” has gained a lot of traction through recent articles and features on shows such as Good Morning America. And of course, combining procedures can contribute to more complex recoveries, and usually include a higher price tag, so your goals, health, and financials are all important factors in making the decision.

Many women are thrilled and are speaking up about their decision to regain their bodies through plastic and reconstructive surgery and are proud of it. As interviewed by ABC, Lauren Bays of Atlanta, GA believed she made the right choice:

“‘I am relatively young — I am 38; I have a lot of good years left — so I think it’s worth it,’ Bays said. ‘I just feel so much better about myself. I guess I didn’t realize effort went into wearing tunics all the time or, you know, just trying to camouflage that part that I didn’t like. I didn’t realize how nice it is to just throw on a t-shirt and not think, ‘Oh, is my stomach sticking out?’ or, ‘My chest doesn’t look perky.””

Alternatives to surgery? Depending on the goal, there may be non-surgical methods for achieving the same, or close to, desired effect of a Mommy Makeover, such as exercising more, altering your diet to include healthier and more nutritious options, seeking the help of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for less invasive procedures and alternatives, etc.

Safety First! As always, make sure your surgeon of choice is well-qualified, board certified, and operating in an accredited facility. Safety and trust are key, especially when undergoing multiple surgeries.

To learn more about Mommy Makeovers as well as non-surgical alternatives, you can read some articles such as ABC’s New Baby, New Body? The ‘Mommy Makeover’ Trend or WebMD’s Mommy Makeover, A Plastic Surgery Trend.

To learn more about finding the right surgeon for you, please read Keys to Finding a Great Surgeon and The Importance of Safety, or contact our office directly to speak about your questions, concerns, and interests, and to set up your complimentary consultation today. 

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