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Liposuction Procedure Gone Wrong

Liposuction Procedure Gone Wrong

Liposuction Gone Wrong Leaves Patient in Coma

Liposuction procedure leaves a Florida woman in a coma.

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"An operation that began as a routine cosmetic surgery procedure ended with the patient in a coma. Authorities later learned the doctor was not board certified in plastic surgery, and the facility was not licensed for the procedure.

Sources say 37-year-old Rohie Kah-Oruktoan, mother of three, is now clinically brain dead after undergoing liposuction at Weston MedSpa, an unlicensed medical facility in Weston, Florida. Her surgeon was Dr. Omar Brito, who is reportedlylicensed. According to his attorney, Brian Bieber, the woman had been a customer at the facility for almost five years. The operation in question was a minimally invasive procedure.

The exact complications are still unknown. However, sources also quote attorney Michael Freedland, who is representing the patient’s family. He has said he suspects the use of lidocaine, an anesthetic, as a factor. Dr. Brito attended medical school in Venezuela and is not board certified in plastic surgery; however, his attorney said that Dr. Brito has been performing liposuction for almost four years. The doctor’s Florida Department of Health profile indicates no such training, and the Weston MedSpa is not licensed by the state’s Agency for Health Care Administration, which regulates medical facilities.

We spoke with Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, an expert in patient safety, about what patients need to know if they are considering a cosmetic surgery at a MedSpa.

Brito’s attorney maintains that his client is not at fault, though he intends to cooperate with authorities. Currently, the woman’s husband is reportedly debating on whether or not to keep his wife on life support."

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Dr. Keyes discusses the approaches, techniques and trends in Rhinoplasty procedures in this interview with Leslie J. Thompson of the  Plastic Surgery Channel.

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"New trends in rhinoplasty can have a dramatic effect on a person’s appearance, because the nose is central to the face. When done well, a rhinoplasty procedure can balanced the proportions in the face and boost the patient’s self-confidence. In this interview from the 2009 Aesthetic Meeting, board certified plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty expert Dr. Geoffrey Keyes explains new approaches to nasal surgery, including the open and closed techniques, and the growing trend of ethnic rhinoplasty. He also addresses key points that patients should consider to get the best possible results from a rhinoplasty procedure."

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The Plastic Surgery Channel

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Safety Should Always Be Patients' Number 1 Concern

By Geoffrey R. Keyes, MD & Chris Knisley

As much as we all want great, fast results from cosmetic surgery, making sure you have chosen the right surgeon who performs in the safest of facilities is of utmost importance. Dr. Geoffrey Keyesof Los Angeles knows exactly how safety comes about. He explains the importance facility accreditation when determining whether or not a plastic surgeon is capable of providing the safest environment and experience for patients.

One aspect of cosmetic surgery often forgotten by patients is safety. “Surgery is serious business,” says Dr. Keyes. “People think because they’re having cosmetic surgery that it isn’t as serious, but it is. Outpatient surgery is serious business. Patients really need to know what to look for when evaluating a safe facility.”

Fortunately for patients, various associations exist that give accreditation to doctor-owned/managed hospitals and provide the information online. Remembering to ask your potential surgeon about their facility is extremely important to your safety and results.

How do you know if your surgeon’s facility is safe?

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Choosing a legitimate, expert surgeon that is board certified is a challenge all on it’s own. Ultimately, a consult will be the only way to really know if he/she is the surgeon for you. If they have their own facility in which they operate, you now have something else to discover: has the facility been deemed safe (accredited). “You would never want to have your surgery in a facility that is not accredited or licensed,” says Keyes. “How do you know it’s a safe place? If they’re credentialed and accredited by an outpatient accrediting association or licensed by the state, that means they’ve adhered to standards for patient safety that they can document.”

A variety of associations license facilities above a standard to guarantee a strong foundation for patient safety. One such association is the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, or “AAAASF” for short. AAAASF has been inspecting and accrediting facilities for over 30 years. “You should go on the web and look up outpatient surgery accrediting association,” says Keyes. “When you call the doctor, you can ask where they operate, if it’s accredited and which association is providing the accreditation.”

Dr. Keyes notes that asking the right questions is very easy, and the consequences if you don’t ask could be severe. “It’s very simple. Just because a doctor is board certified doesn’t make them a good surgeon. And just because a doctor has his own small hospital, doesn’t mean he knows how to manage it. If you don’t research the background of the surgeon and where you’re having surgery, you could be asking for a potential lifetime of misery.”

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AAAASF on Patient Safety in Outpatient Facilities

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Posted on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 | Medical

The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF) is a nonprofit organization that promotes patient safety in outpatient settings and has an accreditation program “to ensure the highest quality of patient safety” for office-based surgeries and procedures and oral maxillofacial procedures. 

In light of the recent highly publicized case involving an outpatient surgical facility, AAAASF wants to assure the public about patient safety in outpatient facilities. Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, AAAASF board president says, “Safety is our primary concern in delivery of outpatient surgical care. We constantly assess surgery center performance through the inspection process and Internet submitted data from our facilities to show outpatient facilities are safe and convenient for patients of all ages.”

AAAASF collects aggregate data on all adverse events that occur in its accredited facilities, which is stored in its data collection system. Its data of more than 12 million cases shows a low rate of mortality with an incidence of death in about one of 50,000 procedures performed. This incidence of death is mostly due to pulmonary embolism, a blood clot to the lung that can occur in any postoperative patient – regardless of whether the surgery was performed in a hospital or outpatient facility. Another high percentage of the deaths that occurred were in patients who died from their disease, unrelated to surgery, such as those patients who suffered from chronic renal failure. Deaths occurred intraoperatively at a rate of one in 478,000 procedures.

Keyes says the organizations accreditation standards for are designed to ensure safe care and that “Limiting outpatient surgery may not only needlessly raise costs and lower access but data shows it would not improve safety. Although there is always room for improvement, our data of more than 12 million procedures has demonstrated the efficacy of outpatient surgical care.”

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Facelift Recovery Tips: What Patients Should Know

56560888 xs - Facelift Recovery Tips: What Patients Should Know | Beverly Hills | Los AngelesDr. Geoffrey Keyes is one of the leading facial rejuvenation experts in the greater Los Angeles area, offering the latest in care. A staple of the practice is the facelift, an ideal solution for removing facial lines and wrinkles and tightening the skin. Since so many patients wonder what they can do to improve their healing experience, let's take a moment to go over some tips for recovery that prove beneficial to those who have undergoing the procedure.

Avoid Tobacco Products

Smoking and chewing tobacco can lead to an increased risk of infection and slower healing times. In order to improve your healing experience, be sure to avoid cigarettes and smokeless tobacco as you recover. You should also avoid tobacco products in the weeks leading into surgery to ensure optimal healing.

Refrain from Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol can also have a negative effect on your overall healing experience. Be sure to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages before and after surgery as your plastic surgeon advises you to.

Get Lots of Rest

Ample rest in the early days of recovery is key to ensuring reduced duration and severity of side effects and prevention of complications. Make sure to rest up to become well faster.

Sleep On Your Back and at an Incline

While resting, it's important to consider your position as this can affect wellness. Ideally you will want to lie on your back rather than your stomach or your side. Additionally, you should have your body inclined to around 45 degrees using pillows rather than lying flat.

Do Not Engage in Strenuous Physical Activities

We cannot stress this enough. Avoid heavy lifting, sexual activity, bending at the waist, cardio, and any other activities that may cause major strain or the accumulation of pressure around the face. This will help you heal with greater efficiency.

Stay Out of the Sun

Staying out in the sun too long can lead to skin damage and may make your surgical incisions more visible. Be sure to stay out of the sun as much as possible as you heal. It's also a good idea to wear a hat with a brim if you go outdoors to shade your face and shield the incision sites.

Just Say No to Saunas and Hot Tubs

The heat and humidity from hot tubs and saunas can lead to a number of problems as your face heals from surgery. It's best to avoid spas and steam rooms of any sort until your surgeon advises otherwise so you can achieve optimal results from surgery.

Attend All Follow-up Visits with Your Surgeon

Follow-up visits are held with your plastic surgeon in order to ensure that you are healing properly. Be sure to attend all of them as scheduled in order to address any and all concerns in a timely manner. You should also feel free to contact your surgeon as your recover at any time if you have any pressing concerns to consider.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Geoffrey Keyes

For more information about facelift recovery and alternatives to surgical facial rejuvenation techniques, it's important that you contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center today. Dr. Keyes will go over all of your options for wrinkle reduction in greater detail so you can look your very best.