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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills
Nasal augmentation can significantly improve the overall appearance of your face. By softening specific elements of your nose and redefining the contour of your dorsal column, Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, experienced facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, can dramatically enhance the beauty of your face in the most natural-looking, subtle way possible. Dr. Keyes has been perfecting Rhinoplasty procedures as an expert in Rhinoplasty with over 30 years experience. Your nose is a prominent feature on your face and contributes a great deal to your overall appearance. It addition to maintaining normal breathing, the structural integrity of your nose also plays an important role in your appearance. Corrective facial plastic surgery procedures, including rhinoplasty, at our Los Angeles surgery center, located in Beverly Hills,  may be performed to improve your breathing and provide a more harmonious appearance to your face. In addition to improving one’s appearance, being able to breathe better and feel less congested is of the utmost importance. Although corrective surgery is complex, there are three basic procedures that are involved in the reconstruction of the nose. Those procedures help to improve the nasal tip, bony framework, and repair a twisted or deviated septum.


Rhinoplasty surgeries are performed at our facility on an outpatient basis. The majority of procedures that our specialist performs enhance the aesthetic qualities of the nose while improving breathing. By skillfully removing and reshaping excess bone and cartilage within the nose, Dr. Keyes brings out the attractive features from within. Often, cartilage grafts are placed within the nose and secured to the existing anatomy. This new support allows for an improvement in appearance. Because Dr. Keyes prefers to perform a closed rhinoplasty, meaning the surgery is performed from within the nostrils instead of from the exterior of the nose, there are no external scars, a feature that many patients appreciate.

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Nasal surgery to correct deviation to the internal partition of the nose, as the result of an injury or congenital development, provides relief of nasal obstruction.  This facial plastic surgery procedure is commonly known as a septoplasty. While a rhinoplasty is performed for cosmetic improvement of the nose, a septoplasty is carried out to improve its functionality. Not only can a deviated septum hinder your ability to smell or breathe comfortably, it can affect the aesthetic appearance of your nose. A nose that has a deviated septum may appear crooked, humped, or even twisted. In some cases, the tip of the nose can curve or droop below the opening of the nostrils or appear rounded and swollen.

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Tip Plasty

Tip Plasty is a cosmetic procedure that alters the cartilage of the nasal tip. Reshaping the tip of your nose can help achieve a more pleasing profile and provide better balance to the face. For a more attractive shape and contour, cartilage can be harvested from the nasal septum and sometimes from your ear to add definition to the nasal tip. For instance, placing additional cartilage within the nasal tip can refine its appearance and provide a change in its projection. To achieve the desired results, cartilage may be removed and redistributed to the underlying framework of your nose for a more contoured, softer, and refined look.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Also referred to as secondary rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty is a form of nasal surgery that is used to correct and resolve an unsatisfactory result or persistent problems that develop following previous rhinoplasty surgery. Revision surgery requires methodical planning, analytics, and superior surgical skills, which are all qualities the dynamic facial plastic surgery specialist at our Los Angeles center in Beverly Hills possesses. For several decades, Dr. Keyes has been correcting the effects of previous surgeries, which were performed by other doctors. With a primary focus on rhinoplasty, Dr. Keyes has been able to restore thousands of patients’ ability to breathe and re-establish balance, symmetry, and beauty to patients’ faces for a renewed sense of confidence and elevated self-esteem.

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