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Plastic Surgeon Media & TV Appearances

Nationally Televised Appearances

1. Good Morning America

2. Fox News

3. My 13

4. Dateline

5. Montel Williams

6. Montel Williams (Part 2)

The Rhinoplasty Society

1. Dr. Keyes Discusses the 2018 International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies


Plastic Surgery Channel – Educational Videos

7. Dr. Keyes Discusses Prioritizing Patient Safety

8. Dr. Keyes Discusses Outpatient Surgery Safety

9. Dr. Keyes Discusses Asking Your Surgeon the Right Questions

10. Dr. Keyes Discusses Ethnic Rhinoplasty

11. Dr. Keyes Discusses Liquid Rhinoplasty

12. Dr. Keyes Discusses Liquid Rhinoplasty (Part 2)

13. Dr. Keyes Discusses Rhinoplasty Safety

14. Dr. Keyes Discusses Rhinoplasty Surgery and its Positive Impact

15. Dr. Keyes Discusses The 10-Minute Nose Job – Non-Invasive Options

16. Dr. Keyes Discusses New Trends in Rhinoplasty”

Other Media

LA Times – How to Choose the Right Surgeon


original - Media


The Wall Street Journal – Seeking a Safer Surgery


wsj 1115 th - Media


Outpatient Surgery – Joan Rivers


outpatient 1115 th - Media

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