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What is the price for revision rhinoplasty plastic surgery?

Published on June 15, 2018 by

Revision rhinoplasty may sometimes cost more than the primary nose reshaping if the procedure involves complexities. During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will discuss various aspects of the revision rhinoplasty surgery with the patient, including its approximate costs. The first

Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery

Published on June 10, 2018 by

Revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is a type of nasal surgery used to address and resolve the undesirable outcome or persistent issues that may develop after a primary rhinoplasty procedure. Revision surgery warrants meticulous planning, analytics, and advanced

What is an Otolaryngologist?

Published on June 5, 2018 by

Otolaryngology is one of the oldest medical specialties in the US. Otolaryngologists are physicians specializing in the medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with ailments and disorders of the ear, nose, throat (ENT) as well as those related

Common Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT) Procedures

Published on May 25, 2018 by

Otolaryngology is a medical specialty that addresses conditions of the ear, nose, and throat. Specialists in this area receive training in both surgery as well as medicine. As otolaryngology involves the ears, nose, and throat, these specialists are called ear,

Ear, Nose Throat (ENT) Surgery in Los Angeles

Published on May 20, 2018 by

Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgery refers to the surgical treatment of ailments, injuries, and deformities in the ear, nose, throat, neck and head regions. The goal of this surgery is to address an abnormality (disease or defect) in these

How to choose the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Beverly Hills?

Published on May 10, 2018 by

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a procedure performed by a plastic surgeon to make the nose appear more attractive and proportionate by reshaping, augmenting or reducing the nasal structure. Only an experienced surgeon with a thorough understanding of the nasal

Questions to Ask Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Published on May 5, 2018 by

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance the shape, size or appearance of the nose in harmony with the rest of the facial features. On the surface, rhinoplasty may appear to be a minor surgery, but it involves delicate

Preparing For Rhinoplasty Surgery

Published on April 25, 2018 by

Preparing For Rhinoplasty Surgery Rhinoplasty can change the size, shape, and general appearance of the nose. Before the surgery, there are various essential steps that the patient can undertake to ensure a safer surgery and recovery, reduce discomfort after the

Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

Published on April 20, 2018 by

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job” or nose reshaping surgery, provides an effective and safe aesthetic solution to people who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose. While the patient is considering rhinoplasty procedure, their first step will

Rhinoplasty Risks & Safety

Published on April 15, 2018 by

Rhinoplasty Risks & Safety It is necessary to evaluate the risks while considering an invasive surgical procedure. Rhinoplasty is common aesthetic surgery with a very high success rate. However, it has some inherent risks that are associated with any surgery.


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